Monday, April 7, 2008

Starting my Veggie Garden

Today is the day I start my Veggie garden! It is not that today is the perfect time, it is just time for me. I haven't been the veggie gardener I once was, so I have vowed to get serious about it. I have a tiny veggie patch, a few raised beds, and of course spots here and there in the flower and shrub borders; it's not the 1/4 acre from my past, and that's OK. I, like many have gotten side tracked from the backyard vegetable patch, busy lives take their tolls, but food is important and I miss it. There is nothing like garden ripened produce on the table eaten only hours after harvest. I won't digress too far down the 100 mile path today, but you know the issues, we hear them constantly, so I have decided to take action, enough said.

So ......I pulled up my new found Lazy gardeners excel sheet to see where I stand. I will share a link from, Gayla Trail's site. All you need to do is input your last frost date, and the sheet does the rest. You can download it for yourself.

I am late for a few things, so I will skip a couple, put in some late, and grab starts from the nursery for others. The good news is it's the perfect timing for beets, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, Swiss chard, and parsley. It's always the perfect time for something, whats important is not where you jump in, but that you do.

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